Our Mission

The GIPS Project’s mission is rooted in a desire to open up the field of feminist research to address the intersection of gender inequalities, the specific realities of migrant people in protracted and (hyper)precarious life situations, and the “denial of citizenship rights” in Québec/Canada and Lebanon.

Our team seeks to understand and improve practices with migrant people by focusing on the realities shared by migrant women and people identifying with gender and sexual diversity as a “group” while recognizing the vast differences in the conditions – material, cultural, social, and historical – in which they live.

Our mission is reinforced by the events related to the global COVID-19 pandemic that have affected both contexts – Canada and Lebanon – since March 2020. The social and economic crisis that has hit Lebanon hard since the fall of 2019 coupled with the Beirut blast on August 4, 2020, also reinforces the relevance and necessity of such a mission insofar as the pandemic has contributed to the exacerbation of (im)mobilities and (hyper)precarious situations experienced by migrant women and people identifying to sexual and gender diversity.

Our values

Project architecture

The GIPS Project brings together researchers, students, representatives of civil society organizations as well as migrant people to work in solidarity with people facing (im)mobilities and (hyper)precarious living situations.